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Explore the following publishers who specialize in self-help books:

Sidran Institue (www.sidran.org),

New Harbinger Publications (www.newharbinger.com),

Magination Press (www.apa.org/pubs/magination/index.aspx) for children's resources

American Psychology Association (www.apa.org) - then click on Psychology Help Center, an online consumer resource page featuring articles and information regarding psychological well-being and psychotherapy.

Psychomechanics: Tools for Self-Regulation of Emotions by Edward Chandler, Ph.D. - One of our Providers.

Available in the Office is a comprehensive Suggested Reading List, which includes additional resources on the major topics listed below, as well as the names of books that address Academic Problems, Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Assertiveness, Depression and Grief, General Health Concerns, Opposition and Defiance, Pain, and Parenting Help.

Want to review a book before you make a purchase? Please ask our receptionist for details. You may thumb through and read our copy of most of the books on our Suggested Reading List while sitting in the comfort of our lobby.


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