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Psychomechanics - by Dr. Chandler

     Managing Feelings, Coping with Trauma, & Building Connections

The following links will bring you to a series of articles written by Dr. Chandler.

Table of Contents

Section I. The Forest Before the Trees
     Chapter 1.  Preface
     Chapter 2. The Mind versus The Brain
     Chapter 3. Elements of the Mind
     Chapter 4. A Structure of the Mind
     Chapter 5. Am I Crazy? What is Normal?
     Chapter 6. The Habit and Trauma Models

Section II. Managing Feelings
     Chapter 1. The Wisdom of Vulnerability
Chapter 2. Positive Psychology
     Chapter 3. Stress and Confusion
Chapter 4. Managing Depression     
     Chapter 5. Managing Anxiety and Avoidance
     Chapter 6. Frustration and Anger
     Chapter 7. Guilt and Shame
Section III. Managing Trauma
     Chapter 1. Trauma and PTSD
     Chapter 2. Containment
     Chapter 3. Self Nurturance
     Chapter 4. Catharsis
Section IV. Building Connectedness
     Chapter 1. Internal and External Attachment
     Chapter 2. The Multiplicity of Everyday Life
     Chapter 3. Inner Child Work and Codependency
     Chapter 4. Couples Work
     Chapter 5. Religious Spirituality and the Power of Prayer
     Chapter 6. The Spiritual Atheist
Section V. Bibliography




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