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Symptom Screenings

The links provided below offer access to screening questionnaires that may assist you in assessing your current emotional situation.

If you think your concerns are escalating, but are unsure whether counseling is right for you, please read more about therapy and how it may be helpful to you in our
Common Questions section of this website.

If you think it would be helpful to speak to a therapist, please read more about
Our Providers and feel free to sumbit an online Appointment Request or call the Turning Point Office at (850) 243-8086. Please Note: Online submission of the Appointment Request Form does not establish a therapist-patient relationship.

Anger Management Test - Psychology Today - Website has links to several tests
Anxiety Quiz
ADHD Resources

Depression Screener
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Questionnaires - Scottsdale Recovery Center
Emotional Intelligence
How Strong Is Your Relationship?
Mayo Clinic - ADHD In Children - Tests and Diagnosis
Mayo Clinic - ADHD In Adults - Tests and Diagnosis
psychcentral.com - A Comprehensive Site for Mental Health - Mulitple Quizes Available
Normal Child Development - Stages 0-11 Years
PTSD - Trauma Symptom Checklist - National Center for PTSD
Self-Esteem Test - Psychology Today
Sexual Addiction Concerns - For the Individual, the Partner, and for Internet Addiction - International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals - Includes a Listing of Certified Treatment Facilities

Signs of Menopause
Temperament Scale
Trauma and Dissociation FAQs - International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation

Note: Turning Point is not responsibile for the content, claims or representations provided by the listed sites.

Are you asking - What happened to my marriage? Why is my child acting that way? Will this sadness ever end? My wife said I am drinking too much; do I have an alcohol problem? Why can't I stop worrying so much? Will I ever get a good night's sleep? Why can't I get going; I feel so lazy?

Do you want to read more about how to manage your feelings or dilemna? Please read Dr. Chandler's articles in Psychomechanics, review our Suggested Readings
, or go to Amazon.com to explore readings in your area of interest.

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