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 We appreciate the opportunity to work with you, as you begin your journey for greater clarity and understanding of yourself. By seeking counseling, you are a step closer to empowering yourself on a path of growth and well-being.

Our Mission ... Is to provide psychological services to individuals and families along the Emerald Coast in the northwest panhandle of Florida, and to do so in a compassionate, respectful, and confidential manner that honors our clients' strengths and dignity. We welcome your business and appreciate your feedback.

Our Group ... Turning Point is telehealth based, private clinical psychology practice, providing psychotherapy to adults and couples.

Our Providers ... Dr. Miller and Dr. Chandler are Licensed Psychologists, each with over 40 years of clinical experience. Drs. Miller and Chandler, co-recipients of the Okaloosa/Walton Mental Health Association Outstanding Mental Health Professional Award for 2015, established Turning Point in 2002. In December 2021, as a move toward semi-retirement and adjusting to the long-term nature of the pandemic, they closed their brick and mortar clinic in Mary Esther, Florida, and moved fully to the use of telehealth. Using the convenience and comfort of a HIPAA compliant telehealth portal, Dr. Chandler expanded  his therapeutic model, founded in his extensive work in the field of trauma recovery, by emphasizing the human need for connectedness. In  his recently published self-help book, Psychomechanics: Tools for Self-Regulation of Emotions. Dr. Chandler intergrates clinical research with creative, easy to use methods for behavioral change. Dr. Miller plays two roles in our practice. As Office Manager she oversees the use of of our HIPAA Compliant, Telehealth by SimplePractice Portal and with the guidance of our Account's Manager, Lisa, she interfaces with our client's insurance companies and keeps the wheels turning on a daily basis. As a psychotherapist, she uses a combined cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic approach in treatment. Trained in trauma recovery, the Treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Franz Alexander's Corrective Emotional Experience model of therapy, Dr. Miller's therapeutic approach with clients seeks to help clients tell their very personal life story while they re-evaluate their learnings, goals and self-view through new and healthier eyes. 

For further information regarding each clinician, please see Our Providers Page.

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NOTE: The Office of Turning Point is accepting New Patient Referrals, on a limited basis, for adults only.

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