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Edward Chandler, PhD

Originally from the Niagara Falls area, Dr. Chandler obtained his BA and MS degrees from Marquette University in Milwaukee, and his PhD, in Clinical Psychology from Louisiana State University following an internship at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He taught Adolescent Psychology at LSU and graduate psychology courses at the University of West Florida. Prior to forming Turning Point, Dr. Chandler worked at Psychiatric Associates in Fort Walton Beach for 18 years. Dr. Chandler is a Licensed Psychologist in the State of Florida, is a member of the American Psychological Association and is a Level II Board Certified Telehealth Professional (Telehealth.org).

Dr. Chandler's work with adults centers on depression, anxiety, and excessive anger, as well as marital therapy and divorce recovery. Grief work, developing new meaning/purpose in life, behavioral activation and cognitive change are targeted with depressed clients. Within the anxiety spectrum, he often addresses worry, panic and social anxiety issues, and specializes in trauma focused psychotherapy for PTSD (e.g., abuse victims, combat veterans, and crime/accident survivors) as well as dissociative disorders. Dr. Chandler's anger management program focuses on developing frustration tolerance and relaxation, while reducing expectations, blaming, and the need for control over others. Clients seeking marital growth and recovery from divorce are also common in his practice. Dr. Chandler's adolescent practice addresses depression, opposition, substance abuse, academic difficulties and family conflicts. Dr. Chandler provides psychological testing, specializing in personality evaluations.

Read more regarding Dr. Chandler's thoughts on therapy and other issues at Psychomechanics: Tools for Self-Regulation of Emotions. If you wish, view his photography and stained glass website at www.ahaphotoandglass.com.

D'Lane Miller, PhD

A native of Louisiana, Dr. Miller received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Louisiana State University, and completed a dual internship in Adult Therapy and Child and Family Evaluation and Treatment at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. While at Cedars, Dr. Miller received training in the treatment of children with developmental delays, to include autism spectrum disorders. As an administrator, Dr. Miller was the Program Director of the Crisis Stabilization Unit in Santa Rosa County, the Clinical Program Director at the Psychiatric Treatment Center at Fort Walton Beach Medical Center, followed  by the position of  Ancillary Staff at the Medical Center, where she provide psychological services to inpatients. Prior to forming Turning Point with Dr. Chandler in 2002, Dr. Miller worked for 16 years at Psychiatric Associates in Fort Walton Beach as an Outpatient Psychotherapist. Dr. Miller is a Licensed Psychologist in the State of Florida, and is a member of the Florida Psychological Association, the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation, and the Emerald Coast Health Alliance.

Having moved primarily to the use of telehealth, Dr. Miller's therapy with late teens and adults of all ages is particularly attentive to changes in family bonds due to divorce, trauma or death. In her work with late adolescents, Dr. Miller focuses on the resolution of peer conflicts, improvement of self-esteem and the process of separation from the family as teens move on to college and beyond. In individual and Family Therapy with adults, Dr. Miller often addresses marital conflict resolution and relationship enhancement,  trauma recovery, PTSD, depression, anxiety, work adjustment, coping with chronic health issues, domestic violence, women's issues, divorce readjustment and end of life care. Selective Psychological Evaluations for adults may be conducted upon referral or as needed for treatment purposes.

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